About Keith

Keith was born in St Andrews and studied medicine at the University of Dundee in Scotland. He lives in England now, within arrow-shot of the ruins of a medieval castle, the sKeith Souter picturecene of two of his historical novels, The Pardoner’s Crime and The Fool’s Folly.  He is a retired doctor, medical journalist and novelist, writing in several genres. He writes historicals and crime as Keith Moray, non-fiction as Keith Souter and westerns as Clay More Curiously, his medical background finds its way into most of his writing.

He is  a member of various writers’ organisations, including the Crime Writers’ Association, Medical Journalists Association, International Thriller Writers, Western Writers of America and he is a past vice president of Western Fictioneers, a professional organisation of western writers.

In his spare time he enjoys the movies, theatre and making bread. He plays golf, tennis and runs at carthorse speed. As a frustrated actor he has found occasional solace as a supporting artist, but enough said about that!

He lives in West Yorkshire in England with his wife Rachel and whichever of their children and grandchildren who happen to pop home.

Get in touch with Keith

You can check out his website  or follow him on facebook or   twitter


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