It has been a tough year here on West Uist. Not with the weather, but with all the adventures and the changes that have been taking place. Of course, if you have read Keith Moray’s latest book FLOTSAM and JETSAM you will know about some of them.

It has been fairly cold this winter, but we are lucky with the weather generally and don’t seem to get the snow that you folk on the mainland seem to have been having. But what we do get is wind. Plenty of it. And that is why the Black Houses have been such an enduring feature in the Hebrides for centuries.  Believe me there is nothing so nice on a winter’s night when the wind is howling around the chimney and the windows are being lashed with rain, than to sit down by the fire with a dram of Glen Corlin, a good book, or even better, the latest edition of The West Uist Chronicle.

We are just about finished for Christmas. The latest issue of the Chronicle is done and dusted and will be in the shops by now. Inspector Torquil McKinnon and I are meeting up with Keith at the Bonnie Prince Charlie Tavern later for a quick drink before we head off for our traditional Christmas Eve attempt to catch a fish for Christmas. We have never managed it yet, but we live in hope.
So folks, just think of the three of us rowing out onto Loch Hynish with our rods and our nets, ever hopeful.

On behalf of everyone here at the Chronicle, and indeed on behalf of everyone on West Uist, we wish you a very Happy Christmas.

And maybe you’ll join us for a dram by a good peat fire some time.

Calum Steele

Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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