The flag is at half mast up at St Ninian’s Golf Course today. Seve Ballesteros has lost his battle with cancer and passed away this morning. He will be sadly missed by golfers all over the world.

A golfing legend

We were fortunate enough to see him play several times when he was dominating the world of golf. He truly was a genius, conjuring up shots that no-one else would think of playing. Indeed, probably only a handful of the great players would have had the ability to play them.

The Reverend Lachlan McKinnon will be holding a special memorial service at St Ninian’s this afternoon at 2pm, then he and Torquil plan to play nine holes in his memory. Anyone who is free around three o’clock is welcome to join them.

Seve Ballesteros RIP.

Calum Steel
Keith Souter

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