Do you remember those wonderful days in the school lab? Not those days when you had to do those dreadful tests, or when your science teacher demonstrated yet another experiment that failed abysmally and the chemicals turned the wrong colour. Rather, those days when you learned about some amazing principle and felt stimulated to go home and try it out yourself. And when you did, do you recall that Eureka moment?
The West Uist Chronicle is pleased to announce that one of Keith’s latest books SCHOOLBOY SCIENCE REMEMBERED is now out. It takes you on a voyage of scientific re-discovery. From the kitchen laboratory to the bathroom test site you will be able to do experiments galore, investigate the mystery of the pyramid, find things out about your body and make things fizz. If you want to re-experience those Eureka moments, then this book is for you

Did you know?
That Tycho Brahe, the great Renaissance scientist had an artificial silver nose and was assisted in his experiments by his court jester

  • That you can make a battery from a stack of coins, blotting paper, silver foil and some salt and vinegar
  • That an ancient Greek inventor, Hero of Alexandria invented a steam machine 1,700 years before James Watt built his steam engine

  • That you can make a crystal set radio from a toilet tube, copper wire, a pencil, a safety pin, a few drawing pins and paper clips, and an old razor blade
Well, you can find out here. Have a look at this video.

And if you are interested in obtaining a copy, scroll down the left hand side, or pay a visit to The West Uist Chronicle Bookshop at the very bottom of the blog

Calum Steel

Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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