Hello readers. We thought you might like to see a novel review of one of Keith’s latest books, SCHOOLBOY SCIENCE REMEMBERED. This was published in the Whitby Gazette on 3rd February 2012.
Lab man’s
lunch club
A CAEDMON lab technician decided
that the best way to review a new
science book would be for him to
conduct a series of experiments, with
the aid of some pupils.
Roger Hartley runs the Caedmon
Science Club at lunchtimes and said
that bringing the textbook alive by
conducting such experiments would
be a great way for children to get
enthused about science.
He added: “Practical work in science
is probably more important now
than it’s ever been. It’s what’s going
to enthuse them so they go on to
become scientists. Seeing something
go flash-bang is really what captures
their imagination.”
Using an experiment from the book,
Mr Hartley showed the children how
to make batteries using just twopence
coins, kitchen foil and some
Mr Hartley started the science club
to prove that rocket science does not
have to be impossible and he proved
this by showing the children basic
chemistry experiments, such as firing
fizzy pop bottles across the classroom.
Schoolboy Science Remembered
is a new book by Dr Keith Souter and
Mr Hartley has reviewed it for the
He said: “Dr Souter writes with an
easy style that veils the subject’s
“His heroes, the old chemistry
teacher Prang, Sherlock Holmes and
Patrick Moore help lead us from one
discovery to another.
“With their help we find our way
from “The Kitchen Laboratory” to the
quantum theory, we pass through
cooking chemistry, many good “Eggsperiments”,
atomic theory and the
periodic table, acids and alkalis, and
DNA to name but a few.
“This book is so much more than
a list of tricks, experiments and illusions;
it would give any reader a good
grounding in basic science. So much
so that chapters such as “Magnetism
and Electricity” could have come
straight out of the year 7 curriculum.
“If I had owned this book at the age
of 12 I would undoubtedly have been
banished to the shed at the end of
the yard and I would have loved every
minute of it.”
Schoolboy Science Remembered is
published by Pen and Sword Books
for £14.99.

Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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