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As you probably now, Keith our associate editor writes all sorts of books. He writes crime novels set on West Uist under his pen-name of Keith Moray, historical crime as Keith Souter and westerns as Clay More. But he is also one of the bunch of writers who write under the name of Ford Fargo and who are creating the rip-roaring adventures in the Wolf Creek series. These are published by Western Fictioneers Library.

Wolf Creek is the brainchild of Dr Troy D Smith, an award winning writer in several genres and a professor of history at Tennessee Technical University. The novels are collaborative works in which five or six authors write a novel, each author writing one or two chapters from the viewpoint of his or her character. The novels are set in Kansas in 1871.

Keith or Clay’s character is Doctor Logan Munro, the town doctor. He actually wrote the first two chapters of the very first novel Wolf Creek: Book 1 – Bloody Trail. The series is really taking off and there are now eight books, seven or which are novels and one is an anthology. If you look at back posts on the blog, you’ll see Hell on the Prairie, which contains a short story by Clay, entitled The Oath. It is about a spectre from Logan Munro’s past.

The latest novel, Night of the Assassins was published on 22nd October and it is, if Clay says it himself, a real page-turner. But be warned, it is not a novel for the faint-hearted.

But why not start with the first one, Bloody Trail. They are all available as paperback or ebooks. There are some great writers involved in this. Many of them are leading lights in  the genre.

So why not come on over to Wolf Creek and see what you think of our town.

And while you are at it, you might like to check out the 6th short story in the Doc Marcus Quigley series. Marcus is a dentist, gambler and bounty hunter. He is on a quest to find a vicious murderer.
Available as an ebook from Amazon or Nook, published by High Noon Press.

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Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers


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