We at the Chronicle take a pride in our investigative journalism. There are no other journalists like us on West Uist!

We have great pleasure in giving you a little information on our three winners.

First,  Simon Sylvester, whose winning 26 word story LAST ORDERS took first prize.

Simon Sylvester

Simon was born in 1980. His short stories have been published in magazines including Smoke, Gutter and Fractured West. His nanofiction collection 140 Characters is published by Cargo Crate, and he writes new stories daily on

Photo by
He lives in Cumbria with the abstract painter Monica Metsers, earning his crust as a teacher, journalist and labourer. 
His nanofiction collection is available as an ebook or as a print on demand paperback from Cargo Press at
Why don’t you check out his stories on twitter and his collection on Cargo Press. Just click the links.

And in second place with his story MEMORIES

Andy McNab
I was born in 1986 in deepest Yorkshire.

I have dabbled in History and Law at various institutions in Hull, London and York for several years now.

I am an avid reader and I have always fantasised about writing something of my own, but a lack of confidence has hindered me from putting pen to paper.

Fortunately in my haste to hide from my textbooks I stumbled upon the addictive medium of FLASH FICTION. And thought I would try my luck.

This is my first attempt at writing anything and I am very happy that people seemed to enjoy my story!

And in third place with his story D.I.D. SHE DO IT

Joe Lunn
I was born in 1985 in Cawthorne, Barnsley. You can follow me on twitter!/Joelunn07

I have been interested in writing stories from a young age although not so much in my teen years. This competition has given me great encouragement to write more stories in the future.

This is the first time I’ve entered a writing competition and I was extremely pleased and surprised to have done so well. I guess the endless hours I’ve spent watching crime movies  and episodes of C.S.I. have inspired me to write my story.

This is my first attempt at writing anything and I am very happy that people seemed to enjoy my story!

And we certainly enjoyed all of your stories.

Congratulations again, guys!

Calum Steele
Keith Souter

Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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