Hello Readers,

We are pleased to announce that our associate editor, Keith Moray’s latest crime novel, set right here on West Uist has now been published by Robert Hale.

This is the fifth in the series and in it Inspector Torquil McKinnon  and his team are up against a serial killer, which Calum and Cora have christened…..

But that is is telling you too much. Here is what it says on the book cover:

The lack of light pollution made West Uist an idea place for astronomical observation.
            The Heavens Above show, a regular Scottish TV review of the latest news about astronomy, is being broadcast from the island and there has been an influx of amateur astronomers. At the same time, the West Uist Astrological Society has staged a series of lectures by a celebrity astrologer.
            Tension between the two groups is clear from the start and when a body is found floating in Kyleshiffin harbour it is unclear whether there has been a tragic accident or a cold-blooded murder. A chalked astrological sign on the harbor wall   gathers significance when a second body and another sign is discovered. This time there is no doubt – it was murder most foul.
            And the signs are that there will be more deaths, unless Inspector Torquil McKinnon and his team can solve the case and find the Zodiac Killer.
If you fancy a copy, then pop to the left of the article and you’ll see a link to Amazon, where you can get a good deal. Alternatively, get it straight from the publisher where you can also get a good deal.

Calum Steele

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