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We are pleased to announce that the fifth adventure, from The Casebook of Dr Marcus Quigley, dentist, gambler and bounty-hunter is published today by High Noon Press as an eBook.
These are short stories in the tradition of the old pulps and the Saturday matinees. Each adventure is a stand-alone, but they build into a story about Marcus’s quest to find a cold-blooded killer.
Doctor Marcus Quigley, qualified dental surgeon, gambler and sometime bounty hunter has gradually been working his way west. 
His reasons for choosing such a lifestyle are personal and pressing, as well as expedient, for there is someone he means to track down and hold to account for a murder committed some years previously.

In THE SHOOTER Doc Marcus Quigley rides into Dawson with the aim of finding a woman whom he believes holds a clue about the murder of a friend of his. He quickly learns that a gang of gunmen are in control of the town and they stand firmly in his way.
He is forced to gamble for the lives of several people, himself included.

The plot, as you may have guessed, revolves around Marcus’s gambling activities and his knowledge of dice and mathematics. In particular the game of craps. If you don’t know about this, or much about dice, then you may care to check out Keith’s dice book. Lots of interesting information about dice games, including craps, dice lore and odds & probabilities. Armed with this knowledge you might even be able to become a shooter, like Marcus.

It is available here (check the sidebar on the left), or through Amazon as a paperback or eBook.

Calum Steele 

Keith Souter
Associate editor


Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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