FRONTIER DOCTOR a TV show from the 50s, starring REX ALLEN

As you may know I write the character of Doctor Logan Munro of Wolf Creek. He is the town doctor in the Wolf Creek series of novels, written under the house name of Ford Fargo, published by Western Fictioneers.

I am interested in everything to do with medicine as it was practiced back in the Old West. I was particularly keen to get hold of a DVD of FRONTIER DOCTOR, about the adventures of a small town doctor in Arizona set in  the 1880s. It is the collection of 39 half-hour episodes of a TV show featuring Rex Allen, originally broadcast in 1956-57.

It is good fun and typical of the Westerns of the day. It certainly took me back to those glorious times when Westerns were supreme.

The Frontier Doctor is a combination of medicine and adventure, about Dr Bill Baxter.  And with each episode only a half-hour long they are a good stimulus for a writer of westerns. The stories all have pretty decent plots, too.

Rex Allen (1920-199) was a an American actor, singer and songwriter. He gained fame as the Arizona Cowboy and as The Voice of the West.  One of his biggest hits was “Don’t Go Near the Indians.’ In his later career he narrated over 8 Disney movies.

In 1975 he gained his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

My novel about Dr George Goodfellow, the Tombstone doctor known as the surgeon to the gunfighters, published by Westrn Fictioneers Library in the West of the big River series.

And if you like dipping into shorter works, rather like the Frontier Doctor series with Rex Allen, my linked collection of short stories Adventures from the Casebook of Dr  Marcus Quigley is available, published by High Noon Press.

Both books are available in print or ebook.

Author: keithmorayauthor

Part time doctor, medical journalist and crime writer. Author of the Inspector McKinnon Mysteries and the Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers

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